Please note this is a submission for My First Game Jam 2018. 

Drizzle Dash!

Each player takes a turn to blow a rain cloud back and forwards with a measured gust of wind. Put out your opponent's campfire before they do yours to win. 

Every millisecond the cloud hangs over your campfire it'll lose health so the pressure is on to get that cloud off your own campfire and onto the other.

Thank you for playing!


Spacebar: Hold to power up gust of wind.
R key: Restart game
H key: Help/info

Game jam details:

My goals

  1. Upload my project regardless of how good or bad it is
  2. Scope down and finish the game jam with a more "complete" core game loop
  3. Design a simple 2 player game
  4. Implement Sinput, by Sophie Houlden (didn't end up requiring

What I learnt

  1. How to use Animation Curves (in place of Mathf.Lerp)
  2. A bit of math
  3. Having two players' UIs and tracking their respective data
  4. Many tiny things that I didn't think I'd be able to do.

Future Plans

  1. Support aspect ratios correctly
  2. Add sound
  3. Flesh out Win screen with player win info
  4. Add wind gust from side of screen when cloud is blown
  5. Add screen wrapping of cloud (penalise player overshooting)
  6. Animate fire
  7. Animate cloud (squash and stretch)
  8. Investigate secondary game loops such as rekindling your own fire when it's not your turn. Or, sabotaging the other player
  9. Add a subtle background


I'd love to hear your feedback whether you enjoy it or not. Tell me if there's anything you think would be a nice addition, or tell me what sucks. 

Know Issues

  1. Safari (macOS) doesn't render HTML version properly
  2. Cloud can go off edge of screen
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLocal multiplayer, My First Game Jam
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Very good concept there, and nice art too!

You could have assigned other button for player 2, because it would be easier to play in the same keyboard (or assign something like space bar for p1 and mouse click for p2).

Good job!

Thanks for playing and your kind feedback! Having the players share input was an experiment to see how it would affect the experience extrinsic to the game itself. Would players sabotage, push each other around, cheat? I thought it would be interesting to see how that worked when under time pressure.

If I wasn't purposely testing that, I totally agree with you that it would've made it easier to play.


This is such a simple concept but it works really well!! I love the overall look of the game, and the fact that controls aren't complicated.


Thank you for playing and leaving some feedback.