A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for My First Game Jam Summer Edition 2016.

The premise is simple. Drop kick the crap out of everything (ie two objects I placed).



Run: A/D
Jump: Hold L.CTRL
Kick: Release jump.


Run: J/L
Jump: Hold R.ALT
Kick: Release jump.

Press R to reset. That's it.


There's barely anything to see here, but I had two goals for 2016:

  1. To participate in my first Game Jam, and;
  2. To put my first piece of work online, no matter good or bad it is.

My vision is a local multiplayer beat 'em up, similar to Samurai Gunn, Smash Bros, Towerfall etc. It could also incorporate side scrolling co-op quite easily too. Deeper, advanced movement mechanics were also planned but I either didn't know how to implement them, or they were ripped out because they didn't work properly at the time of the Jam finishing.

My obvious lack of programming skills prevented a lot of what I wanted to achieve but nonetheless I learnt a lot, pushed out of my comfort zone and got further than I expected. I'll continue working on this.

Update notes:

  1. Multiplayer added. Now you can kick a friend and still not have fun!
  2. Level redesigned. Might be better for jumping around in.
  3. Camera shake broken. Yep, no idea why. Still looking into this.
  4. Controls on screen. Should make it easier for all of you streamers to understand what you should be pressing before you quit due to lack of any satisfying gameplay.
  5. Drastically reduced bloat. Deleted .pbd files. Hopefully the game still runs for you. Let me know if it doesn't. I've got no clue what I'm doing!


Sorry about the thumbnail being more exciting than the actual "game".
Game assets by "Asset Jesus" Kenney

Install instructions

Hopefully it just runs for you, I really don't have a clue what I'm doing. Good luck!


DropKick.zip 10 MB


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i'm a big fan of drop kicking the crap out of everything, so i love the idea of this game. i think this is a great start and i had fun feeling out the controls! congrats on your first jam; don't be too hard on yourself!

Thank you! :)