A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is my entry for My First Game Jam, Winter 2017. It's unfinished and probably pretty buggy.


Fly the plane, eat the fish, poop in the box.



A/D: Turn
J: Cut engine (hold)
K: Poop
R: Reset Game

360 Gamepad

LS: turn
A: Cut engine (hold)
X: Poop

The theme

Cats and/or dogs.

The plan

A cats vs dogs local multiplayer arena where cats are trying to score and dogs are defending.

What actually happened

A sandbox (or litter box if you will) for flying around in doing trick shots until you get bored. That won't be long.

What I learnt

  1. Modifying gravity on the player over time.
  2. Controlling particle systems by code
  3. How to use AddRelativeForce
  4. A shallow understanding of delegates and events
  5. Using multiple canvases
  6. Lots of small new things and reinforcing other things


  1. Don't go off-screen. If you do, press R to reset the game.
  2. Cutting the engine will allow you turn faster. Try using this to rapidly change directions or perform trick shots.
  3. Apologies, the art is horrible, programming was my focus here.
  4. Sorry if things don't work.

Install instructions

I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing so I apologise if something doesn't work. Please let me know if it buggers up for you.


LitterBomberMac.app.zip 14 MB
LitterBomberWin.zip 11 MB

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