My entry for My First Game Jam: Summer 2019

Welcome to the Savannah!

A cub has wandered away from The Pride™! Take control of the lioness in this epic rollercoaster of highs and lows*.  Adventure around the unforgiving landscape that is the Savannah and bring the cub back safely. The Pride™ needs to be reunited!

A harrowing setting

Be wary of the dangers the Savannah holds. A single giraffe may cause the cub to flee to it's safe spot. As if that pesky stompy animal (nature scenes, discretion advised) wasn't enough you'll come up against the wildly elusive African bugs that cause the cub no end of grief, brainwashing him into not following the lioness. If this fate should reveal itself to you—I'm sorry—this little cub belongs to the Savannah now and it's time to move on.


Use arrows, WASD, maybe even a controller (if you dare to test it for me!) to guide the lioness to the cub and return him to the safety of The Pride™. 

Press R at any time to restart the game.

ˆ Technically there's only one animal
* Utter BS, it's chilled AF
Massive over-sell.  It's literally one static screen

Install instructions

Bless you for trying this abomination.


Pride and Stompy Animals 20 MB
Windows Pride and Stompy Animals 20 MB

Development log

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