Potential bug fixes and things to come

Hey guys

I've posted several new builds in the past few days since the game jam has finished. Many people were experiencing a bug where you would get stuck in place when getting hit by a snowflake.  I think I've squashed that one now so fingers crossed no one has that issue any more. Please give it a try again if you can and let me know how you go.

I've also put a list together of things I'd like to accomplish with this game for the next milestone. My goal is to have this at a stage where I would feel comfortable in allowing someone to pay for this if they wanted. If you have any ideas that you personally feel would add value please let me know. 

Here are my ideas so far:

  1. Local High Score tracking - Done!
  2. Drop shadow on moving sprites (via shader hopefully but have no idea how to do that)
  3. Dedicated title screen
  4. Dedicated Game Over screen
  5. More robust aspect ratio support (don't think it works currently)
  6. Some animation on the squirrel as it moves (think smear/ motion blur effect)
  7. Represent Lives remaining as squirrel heads instead of an integer
  8. Rejig spawn system so walls of snowflakes don't happen, nor large gaps of nothing (well out my current ability though)

As always, thanks for playing my game and helping me improve.



Nut Grab - OS X 15 MB
Aug 08, 2017
Nut Grab - Windows 11 MB
Aug 08, 2017

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