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How To Play

Grab as many acorns as you can while dodging the icy cold snowflakes.  You'll lose any collected acorns if you get hit by a snowflake so make sure you drop them off in your hut to bank them for winter. 

If you think you did alright, post your high score in the comments!

NOTE: This began as a submission for My First Game Jam 2017. It's my first game, I'd love to hear your feedback because I intend to improve this over time.

Thank you for playing and your support.


Left and right arrow keys. You got this.

Press P to pause and R to retry at any time.

Game jam details:

My goals

  1. Upload my project regardless of how good or bad it is
  2. Scope down and finish the game jam with a more "complete" core game loop
  3. Push outside of my comfort zone

What I learnt

  1. Started using GitKraken
  2. Started using Affinity Designer
  3. Started using giPHY Capture
  4. Unity specific things:
    1. Time.timeScale
    2. Using a Game Manager
    3. Using static member variables (albeit poorly)
    4. Coroutines and WaitForSeconds

Future Plans

  1. Support aspect ratios correctly
  2. Add player high scores
  3. Add some subtle GFX
  4. Improve sound FX
  5. Icons for lives instead of text readout DONE!
  6. Anything else I get feedback on (please give me some!)
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Dec 13, 2017
Tags2D, collect-things, game-and-watch, My First Game Jam, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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NutGrabOSX.zip 16 MB
Nut Grab - Win 64 4 MB

Development log


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Great game, reminds me of the old Game & Watch LCD games! And thanks for making it free!


Thanks for playing! :)

Be carefull with the game and watch copirryght, you sweatest, blooded and tearing man ;)

As TP3 said, the risk/reward aspect is good as it adds a little bit of depth to a basic game.  Have you thought about letting the squirrel jump so that he can reach a nut that would otherwise cause him to hit a snowflake if he waited for it?  Also, after retrying, I still had 2 nuts on me from the previous game and it let me add them to my score.  Anyway, great work, keep it up!

Hey Lanz,

I hadn't thought about making the squirrel jump, no. I imposed a limitation of the Game & Watch on myself to prevent myself being a victim of scope creep (which was very likely to happen) so the only buttons I allowed myself was left and right. That limitation also fed directly into one of my goals in which I wanted to submit a more complete game this time around. That said, adding a jump could be interesting! I'll put that on my list of things to try later. :)

I fixed that bug you mentioned too (new build to go up once I test another refactor a bit first). That squirrel didn't want to let go of those nuts!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback.


Very cool little game with clean graphics that has a lot of potential. I especially like risk/reward of hoarding the nuts versus cashing them in which triggers the speed increase!

Thanks for playing and for leaving feedback. I'd like to keep working on this to polish it up and hopefully make it a worthwhile little experience.